Test Procedure and Profiles

This section provides detailed procedures and, where appropriate, test profiles for each of the qualification and acceptance tests referenced for space qualified isolators and circulators.

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1.   VNA Calibration Procedure
2.   VNA Calibration Tolerances
3.   Electrical Performance Measurement Procedure
4.   RF Leakage Test Procedure
A.   RF Leakage Form
5.   RF Susceptibility Test Procedure (Simplified)
A.   RF Susceptibility Form
6.   Storage Temperature Cycling Procedure
A.   Storage Temperature Cycling Profile
7.   Thermal Shock Procedure
A.   Reference MIL-STD-202G, Method 107
B.   Thermal Shock Record of Test
8.   Operational Temperature Cycling Procedure
9.   Random and Sine Vibration Procedure
A.   Random Vibration Qualification Profile
B.   Random Vibration Acceptance Profile
C.   Sine Vibration Profile
10.   Mechanical Cube Mounting Procedure
11.   Thermal Vacuum Survival and Operational Test Procedure
12.   Thermal Vacuum Survival and Operational Test Profile
A.   Thermal Vacuum Equipment Description


Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Temperature:-50°C to +200°C
Vacuum:< 7x10-6 torr
Tenney T5STR Environmental Chamber
Fully automated test profiles
Altitude: Site level to 100kft.
Temperature: -70°C to +177°C
Humidity: 20% to > 95% RH
Electrodynamic Shaker
Random, Sine, Shock capable
Random, Sine, Shock capable
2000 lbf Sine
3900 lbf Shock/SRS
Simultaneous 3-axis testing

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