The following DiTom Quality Operating Procedure (QOP) documents, at a minimum, shall apply to the construction of space flight and space qualification hardware:

  • QOP-424-001     Control of Records
  • QOP-730-001     Design Control
  • QOP-752-001     Identification and Traceability
  • QOP-755-001     Preservation of Product
  • QOP-755-002     Work Area Controls
  • QOP-753-003     Environmental Testing
  • QOP-760-001     Monitoring and Measurement Equipment

    DiTom currently maintains an AS9100C qualified Quality Management System (QMS). Through both periodic internal audits and 3rd party registrar audits, we constantly monitor the performance of all processes carried out at our facility. Encouraging personnel at all levels of the company to provide feedback allows us to take multiple perspectives into account for everything we do in order to improve upon the job we perform every day. All of DiTom’s internal quality documents are made available to our customers for review at any time, and customer visits to our facility are always welcome and encouraged.

    Please feel free to contact us at 559.255.7042 or sales@ditom.com for additional information.

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