DiTom Microwave maintains segregated areas for the manufacturing and testing of space qualified products. These work areas have higher levels of monitoring and controls assigned to them on all work processes from procurement to delivery.

Raw materials and test equipment are stored in specially controlled areas that have 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring and control to ensure all environmental tolerances are maintained and recorded. Manufacturing operations are carried out in controlled work areas by specially trained and qualified production personnel in close partnership with engineering, quality personnel, and support. These additional risk mitigation activities help to continually improve DiTom’s processes while at the same time minimizing non-compliant product escape rates, saving time and money for both DiTom and their customer’s.


Accelerated life testing is crucial to the manufacturing process of space qualified hardware. It entails taking measurements of product performance either at the same time or after the product is put under varying degrees of environmental duress.

DiTom can perform testing to either associated MIL specs or customer specified testing profiles. We have multiple pieces of environmental test equipment on site, which allows us to perform accelerated life testing for our customers with minimal lead time and maximum control over the entire testing process.

DiTom Microwave has multiple pieces of environmental test equipment on site to perform accelerated life testing for our customers that require it. We can perform testing to any of the associated MIL specs or to customer’s exact testing profiles. By performing this testing on our products, we ensure that they will reliably perform for as long as our customers need them to in their applications.

Measuring product performance during accelerated life testing also allows us to screen out underperforming or potentially underperforming units from a delivery lot, avoiding an instance where a product fails while in use by our customers

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