Electromagnetic and Mechanical Model

DiTom microwave is equipped with multiple state of the art software suites for mechanical and electromagnetic analysis of its products. This analysis is intended to complement the results of real life environmental testing and product measurements to illustrate DiTom’s product’s performance under the specified environmental conditions of their intended applications.

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1. Electromagnetic Software
A. Software Title: Xfdtd
B. Provider: REMCOM
2. Electromagnetic Modeling Process
3. Electromagnetic Model
4. Mechanical Software
A. Software Title: Solidworks
B. Provider: Dassualt Systems
5. 3D Modeling Process
6. 3D Mechanical Model
7. 3D Mechanical Analysis
A. Resonant Frequency
B. Thermal Analysis
C. Pryoshock – SRS
8. FMECA – Failure Modes Effects and Critically Analysis

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