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DiTom Microwave's proven rugged and reliable connectorized ferrite isolators and circulators are on multiple Defense and Space Programs. Our hardware can be found on UAV's, EW Aircraft, SIGINT/ELINT Platforms, Tactical Data Links, Ground Terminal Systems, Shipboard and Helicopter Platforms, and Satellite Communication Systems.

Below you will find a short list of programs DiTom Microwave has supported over the years:

        Program Name

    1. Jabiru 1

    2. Wideband Global Satcom
                WGS Program

    3. Express AM5 and Express AM6

    4. SICRAL2 and KAZSAT3

    5. Modernization of Enterprise Terminals
                MET Program

    6. E2D Advanced Hawkeye

    7. Warfighter Information Network-Tactical
                WIN-T Program

    8. NASA Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment
                SGSS Program

    9. MiniSAR Radar
                Copperhead Program

    10. Ground Multi-Band Terminal
                GMT Program

    11. Airborne ELINT/ESM Subsystem

    12. Navy CASS CLS4
                TPS Offload Program

    13. Raytheon F-15 Phase 2

    14. ARMY Block 1 Phoenix Program

Hardware Supplied

65 + Space Qualified Isolators
K and Ka bands

350 + Thermal Vacuum Qualified Isolators
X and Ka bands

130 + Thermal Vacuum Qualified Isolators
L, C, Ku, and Ka bands

180 + Thermal Vacuum Qualified Isolators
S, C, X, and Ku bands

400 + MIL Qualified Isolators
L and Ka bands

150 + MIL-AERO Qualified Isolators
Classified bands

250 + MIL Qualified Isolators
X, Ku and Ka bands

300 + MIL Qualified Isolators
L band

100 + MIL-AREO Qualified Isolators
Ku band

50 + MIL Qualified Isolators
Ku and Ka bands

500 + MIL-AERO Qualified Isolators
Wideband X and Ku bands

50 + MIL Qualified Isolators
Wideband C, X, Ku bands

50 + MIL-AERO Qualified Isolators
C and X bands

100 + MIL Qualified Isolators
Tri-band C, S, Ku bands


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