Insertion Loss

Insertion loss is what a signal experiences as it travels through a passive component.

DiTom Microwave has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing Ferrite Isolators and Circulators since 1987. A standard line of Isolators and Circulators is offered in the selected frequency range from 100 MHz. to 40.0 GHz. to satisfy specific system requirements. DiTom can supply your needs in either standard Coaxial, Waveguide, or Co-Isoguide configurations. Orders can be processed directly from the company, through its E-Commerce Store or through its local Sales Reps.

DiTom Microwave has a unique capability to provide high quality microwave components for military and commercial applications.  Founded in 1987 the company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing isolators and circulators to satisfy specific system requirements for reliability, cost, and size. While standard isolators and circulators are described in this website, special devices can be designed to meet your system requirements. DiTom has established a reputation throughout the industry for on-time delivery and minimum return of parts-less then 1%.

Operating frequency Ranges

A standard line of isolators and circulators is offered in selected frequency ranges from 150 MHz to 40 GHz.  Performance optimized components-Phase matching, temperature stabilization, extended bandwidth-are available on special orders.


As a standard, all coaxial units are supplied with SMA-Female Connectors.  Other connector types and configurations can be supplied on special order.


Standard units are supplied with nickel plate and chemical film per MIL-C-5541B Class 3.  Vinyl/Epoxy gray painted units are available per customer requirements.

Test Data

A certificate of compliance is supplied with all units. Test data is available on special orders.  DiTom's quality assurance standards meet Mil-I-45208A requirements.

Microstrip and Stripline Integration

DiTom isolators and circulators feature a removable connector option for integration into microwave subassemblies.

Ordering Information

DiTom isolators and circulators can be ordered online through its E-Commerce Store, directly from the company, or through its local representatives.


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